Eindhoven-based Etulipa presents ‘outdoor e-paper’

Dutch Etulipa has finished the development of the first full-color reflective display capable of showing video. After an evaluation conducted on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and Brookings, South Dakota, together with outdoor display manufacturer Daktronics, production of the displays in larger quantities will commence. Reflective displays, such as e-reader displays, use the ambient … Read more

K&S ships first equipment to transfer mini and micro LEDs at blinding speed

With the first shipment of its Luminex platform, building on former Assembleon systems, Kulicke & Soffa underlines its commitment to the equipment market for advanced displays. The company even expects that transfer speeds of 10,000 micro LEDs a second will be able to compete with lithography processes.

Dimenco’s simulated reality reels in €2.5M and Acer

Veldhoven-based glasses-free 3D specialist Dimenco has announced a €2.5 million Series A funding round led by KPN Ventures and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM). The investment is earmarked for further scaling up the company’s activities to fulfill the growing customer demand and further expanding the simulated reality (SR) ecosystem to become the spatial visualization technology … Read more

Micledi displays staying power with €7M investment

A little more than a year after closing a 5-million euro funding round, Micledi Microdisplays has hauled in another big boost of cash. The Imec spinoff has revealed that it has raked in a new investment of seven million euros to accelerate and commercialize microLED displays for augmented reality (AR) glasses. This time around, the … Read more

Etulipa’s next-gen electrowetting displays shine in full color

After getting acquainted with electrowetting displays (EWD) in the Philips Research labs, Hans Feil and a few of his colleagues decided they wanted to dive deeper into the technology. Two decades and two spinoffs later, Feil’s Etulipa is ready to show what its fully colored and very low-power EWD technology can do.

Etulipa flashes first full-color electrowetting display

Eindhoven-based Etulipa has unveiled the first ever full-color electrowetting display (EWD) panel. The working prototype consists of six tiles or pixels, stacked like roof tiles. By layering three colored cells – cyan, magenta and yellow (the same colors used in inkjet printers) – the EWD panels can reflect a full spectrum of color. Credit: Etulipa … Read more

Utrecht and Oxford look inside banana liquid crystals

A team of researchers from Utrecht University and Oxford University has developed a new system of micrometer-sized banana-shaped particles. With these bananas, they’ve experimentally confirmed the existence of the so-called “splay-bend nematic” liquid crystal phase, which was predicted forty years ago. Liquid crystals have unique properties that make them easily respond to external stimuli such … Read more

Japanese crank up OLED emitter efficiency

A team including researchers from Osaka University has developed a new molecular emitter for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Using rational chemical design, the scientists were able to arrange the electron donors and acceptors into a ring called a “macrocycle”. The devices fabricated show better efficiencies compared to linear molecular emitters. The wheel-shaped molecule could potentially … Read more