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As of April 2019 Bits&Chips will be published exclusively in English.


On this page, you find the media kit for the Bits&Chips magazine. Click here for the media kit online.
We also have a mediakit in Dutch.

Publication list and themes 2019 Bits&Chips

EditionThemeDeadline articlesDeadline advertisementsDate of publication
1Low power 21 January 201928 January 201915 February 2019
2Trends in hardware development 18 March 201925 March 201912 April 2019
3Career and leadership in high tech22 April 201929 April 201917 May 2019
4Photonics3 June 201910 June 201928 June 2019
5Trends in software development 19 August 201926 August 201913 September 2019
6Technologies for the IoT23 September 201930 September 201918 October 2019
7Wireless21 October 201928 October 201915 November 2019
8Riding the hype cycle18 November 201925 November 201913 December 2019
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Facts & Figures Bits&Chips

  • Circulation magazine: 5,000
  • Unique number of website visitors per month: 15,000
  • Pageviews per month: 35,000
  • Circulation newsletter: 9,000

Advertisement/advertorial rates

SizeSize in mmRates
2/1 page spread 450x275 + 3 mm bleed€ 3,495
1/1 page 225x275 + 3 mm bleed€ 2,295
1/2 page 190x115 mm (landscape) 95x235 (portrait) € 1,670
1/3 page 190x75 mm (landscape) 60x235 (portrait)€ 1,470
1/4 page 190x55 mm€ 1,275
1/8 page 190x35 mm€ 895

Special positions

SizeSize in mmRates
Back cover225 x 275 + 3 mm mm bleed€ 2,639.25
Page 2225 x 275 + 3 mm mm bleed€ 2,639.25
Insert 1 page1 page € 2,795

Other sizes of leaflets and page preferences on request.
Surcharge of 15% for fixed page and right-hand side page

Editorial rates print and online

SizeRateRate incl. writing service
2/1 page spread article € 2,295€ 3,495
Online article incl. URL€ 1,795€ 2,295

Combination deal

SizeRateRate incl. writing service
2/1 page article
+ 1/1 page
€ 3,295€ 4,495

Content service

Call on Bits&Chips for international exposure

Quality content is the key to successful marketing and recruitment, so make sure you hire the best technology writers to do the job. We offer content creation based on hours. Rates depend of the decreased volume per year. The time spent differs depending on your wishes and the adaptation to different (media) channels.
Follow the link for more information on content services.

Delivery specifications

Rates are based on full colour, incl. media agency discount and excl. VAT.
Articles should meet the editorial guidelines

Click here for the delivery specifications of Bits&Chips.

Conditions: Techwatch is allowed to change the publication frequencies.