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Industrial 5G Conference

A driving force behind Industry 4.0’s highly automated production processes is going to be 5G. Without a doubt, the high-speed data transfer capabilities of 5G wireless technology will also play a crucial role in the Dutch high tech manufacturing industry.

Bits&Chips organizes the first edition of the Industrial 5G Conference as online event series. The online conference will be divided into multiple afternoon sessions on

  • 2 February 2021
  • 2 March 2021
  • 30 March 2021
  • 11 May 2021

Each session includes two presentations. With an online ticket, you will get access to the presentations of all sessions and the on-demand presentation videos afterwards. After each session you have the possibility to network with other visitors at the virtual networking space.

About the Industrial 5G Conference

During the first edition of the Industrial 5G Conference you will learn everything about 5G in high-tech systems, factory automation, industrial automation, robotics, production and wireless communication.

With the ability to perform near real-time smart-computing in the cloud, thanks to the low-latency connectivity, 5G is sure to invigorate industrial IoT. Especially in high tech systems development where competitors will be vying to sustain their position in the global manufacturing network from the points of productivity, connectivity and efficiency. The reach of 5G will have no bounds, affecting every company regardless of its size or the industry type.

This virtual event series will offer a broad view on the challenges and opportunities ahead. Presentations at the event will address the following topics:

  • Why will 5G be the standard for future production?
  • How will 5G contribute to higher precision and higher productivity?
  • How will 5G reduce energy by as much as 80 percent?
  • How will 5G help European, especially the Dutch, high tech supply chain stay competitive?
  • How can you ride this technology wave and what partners are there to help you?
  • The keynote speech (by Niels König from Fraunhofer IPT) will clarify what it takes to pioneer 5G for manufacturing.
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Event series 2021

2 February 2021
2 March 2021
30 March 2021
11 May 2021


Tuesday 2 February 2021

15:30 – 16:15Keynote Niels König (Fraunhofer IPT)
5G Industry Campus Europe – Shaping the 5G ecosystem for manufacturing
16:15 – 16:45Presentation Martin van der Pol (T-Systems Netherlands)
Flexible production with AGVs, 5G, Cloud and Edge
16:45 – 17:30Virtual networking


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Sign up as a sponsor

Sponsoring the Industrial 5G Conference could be a great component of your marketing strategy.

Get a bigger ROI out of the conference, be part of the promotion media mix (mailings, advertising, social media, content marketing and PR) and be present after the session at the virtual networking space to network with (potential) customers and partners.

Below you can see what you receive as a sponsor during each session (minimum 4 times).

€ 2500
10 free tickets
Extra tickets at a discount rate
Virtual networking after the session
1 short pitch during one of the sessions
Your logo on event promotions (advertisements, website, mailings) and in the virtual event space
Possibility to share a video in the virtual networking space
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Gold and platinum sponsorships on request via

Sponsor tips

Want to make the best out of your sponsorship and maximize your ROI? Help us by promoting your sponsorship!

Mailings: write an email invite and encourage your relations to attend the online conference and/or invite other relations as well.
Calendar: publish the conference with dates on your website, social media calendars, etc.
Content: write a short article about your presence at the online conference, publish it on your website, link it in your email signature, include it in newsletters and share it on social media (#BC5G)
Doing this increases event reach and attendance, which has mutual benefits, but it also gives you direct contact with the attendees prior, during and after the conference. Do not hesitate to ask us for content, visuals or other input.



Bits&Chips (publication of Techwatch) is the organizer and also has more high tech events planned for 2021. Learn more about the Industrial 5G Conference.

For questions regarding the organization:
For questions regarding the conference program: Alexander Pil,


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