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Call on Bits&Chips for international exposure

Quality content is the key to successful marketing and recruitment, so make sure you hire the best technology writers to do the job.

The benefits of Bits&Chips content services

By hiring Bits&Chips to generate your English content, you kill two birds with one stone. You generate top-quality pieces for your newsletters, website, and social media and receive instant international exposure through our established media ecosystem for the high-tech industry.

Bits&Chips is the premier publishing house for the Dutch high-tech sector. Our mission is to help high-tech companies reach an international audience and a constantly growing group of expats in the Netherlands who don’t (yet) speak Dutch. Our primary goal is to help you stand out. That’s a challenge in the high-tech industry.

In-depth technical content with the right voice

Staying visible is an even greater task. Bits&Chips can help you craft a creative campaign to catch—and keep—the attention of customers and talented engineers.
To do that, in-depth content with the right voice is crucial. Engineers aren’t interested in overblown claims and marketing blah-blah. They want informative content that correctly speaks the language of their field. That’s exactly where we excel. Bits&Chips’ editors have spent two decades writing for the high-tech industry; we are fluent in its many dialects and skilled in communicating a content-rich message.

That experience has also taught us that repeated exposure is crucial. It takes discipline and skill to craft quality content on a regular basis, and we’re happy to help you there. After all, publishing is our core business.

Coverage, flexibility and exposure

There are several benefits to hiring the Bits&Chips team. The first is coverage: we’ll write your articles and press releases, then turn them into accompanying items for your websites and social media channels. Second is flexibility: if you’d rather write your own content, no problem. We’re happy to guide you through your creative process and advise you on how to reach your goals.
And then there’s exposure: we’ll edit your content to B&C’s house style and publish it on our website at no extra charge, giving you instant visibility on the Netherlands’ most widely read high-tech information portal.

The advantages in a nutshell

• compelling content
• technology in clear language
• frequent, regular output
• immediate online publication


We provide content creation by the hour. Our rates depend on your annual volume. The time your project requires will vary based on your needs
(article lengths, number of channels, frequency).


For more information:
+31 24 3505544

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Content Creation Examples

To give you an idea about the content we can create, we’ve listed some sample items and their estimated time requirements below.

News item – 1 to 8 hours
Short news item – A short piece (typically 100 to 200 words). Examples include a change-of address notice, announcing a new branch office, or welcoming a prominent new staff member (1 to 2 hours).

News item – based on in-person or telephone briefingYou brief our editor by phone or in person, and then we write an in-depth news item that typically fits onto a single page (600 words). Examples include announcing an acquisition or partnership and introducing a new product or service (4 to 6 hours).

Press release – We adapt your news item for use as a press release and send it to targeted regional, national, or global media outlets. We maintain a large database of suitable press contacts (1 to 2 hours extra work).

Interview or background story – 16 to 24 hours
Our editor conducts the interview, turns it into a compelling article, and solicits feedback from those interviewed. The result is typically 1400 to 2000 words (but can be longer), including social media blurbs if desired.

Background story written by you – 4 to 6 hours
Your staff member writes the piece. Our editors provide guidance, editing, and final corrections (4 to 6 hours).

Blog post or column – 1 to 8 hours
An opinion piece that reflects the author’s personal viewpoint. Best kept short, 400 to a maximum of 1000 words. Your author or source briefs our editor; then we write the post or column and work with the author to perfect its voice (4 to 8 hours).

If you prefer to write the post yourself, our editors will provide guidance and final corrections (1 to 3 hours).