Piecing together the systems puzzle is a collaborative effort

In the past twenty years, high-tech systems have become incredibly complex. ASML and its supplier VDL ETG discuss how this has impacted the role of the system engineer. Architecting, they conclude, is becoming more and more a team effort – and so is the training of architects.

Forging the Dutch industrial ALD hub

By fostering collaboration between companies focusing on atomic layer deposition as well as infusing them with the latest research results, a new TUE-led project aims to take the already strong Dutch presence in this field to the next level.

“Start with system functions and think beyond the boundaries of your own discipline”

High-tech development processes are becoming so complex that organizations cannot avoid thinking and working in a multidisciplinary way. After all, the ideal solution is rarely one-dimensional. However, collaborating engineers from different fields are only successful if they understand each other’s jargon. VDL ETG T&D sends its technicians on a course at High Tech Institute so that they can train that skill.

“We don’t distinguish ourselves by software alone”

Do Dutch high tech companies invest enough in software development? Bits&Chips poses the question to Guustaaf Savenije and Ton Peijnenburg of VDL ETG, the largest tier-1 high tech supplier and hardware company in the Netherlands. “Software is just one of the disciplines – no more, no less. Better participate in the multidisciplinary world!”

Conquering the world together

What’s the secret behind VDL Enabling Technologies Group? The supplier of high-quality mechanical components, modules and complete systems has weathered the financial crisis well and is taking work off powerhouse ASML’s hands by developing wafer handlers. From research to production, VDL ETG believes in working together as equals.