(Super)conducting research into a compact all-in-one antenna

The size of a milk carton, a quantum RF antenna has the potential of replacing a wide range of traditional, much larger antennas. At the joint lab of Thales and CNRS, near Paris, Juan Trastoy and his fellow researchers are putting their award-winning innovation on the path to maturity.

The art of architecting meets software sculpting

In a virtual roundtable, Canon Production Printing, NXP, Philips, Thales, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Vanderlande discuss how the increasing system complexity has impacted the role of the system engineer. Their consensus: software has shuffled the cards.

Creating software to keep naval systems always-on

Imagine a system that, once turned on, will stay on for the rest of its life. Neither hardware failures nor code glitches can bring it down. At Thales, chief software architect René van Hees is putting his shoulders to the wheel to make this dream a reality.

Thales and UvA (re)join ESI

As of this year, Thales and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) are part of the partner board of ESI, the embedded systems joint innovation center of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

Comma interfaces open the door to reliable high-tech systems

Once a research project initiated by ESI (TNO) and Philips, the Comma framework is developing into a mature product for creating and managing software interfaces. Now, Thales is also looking to use it to streamline its software engineering, as are Thermo Fisher Scientific and Kulicke & Soffa. “Comma is the place where you express everything you want and from there, you generate everything you need, like documentation, monitoring, simulation, visualization and, as of recently, test cases.”