(Bio)medical electromagnetics – from Hz to GHz

The distinct features and non-invasive nature of electromagnetic waves at different frequencies place them at the core of many medical applications. TUE’s Maarten Paulides gives an overview of the field.

EngD trainees help Philips on the way to greener transport

Logistics has a considerable impact on the carbon footprint of Philips. The company is enlisting the help of the EngD Software Technology program in creating dashboards to monitor the emissions of freight transport by air, land and water. The generated insights are being used on all organization levels, up to and including the executive committee.

Taste of Philips gives appetite for more

After graduating from the EngD Software Technology program, Priyanka Patel went right back to Philips to continue where she left off in her final assignment. During the traineeship, she’d gotten such a good vibe from the company that she decided to start her professional career there.

Getting smarter with digital twins together

Initiated by the High Tech Systems Center, EAISI has recently expanded its Digital Twin Lab to support experiments in this field. The lab is necessary to bring all expertise together and accelerate progress, both on campus and in industry. “Building a virtual model is an investment, so you have to be smart.”