NTS’ new commercial approach removes the seams between sites

Having been at the helm of NTS for only about six months, the successor to Marc Hendrikse, Tjarko Bouman, is opting for a more commercial approach. This way, he expects that the various branches and offices worldwide will be able to work more seamlessly together and will realize an unambiguous proposition for mainly international customers.

Optimizing your high-tech development and machine performance

An increasing proportion of high-tech equipment consists of software. At the same time, the importance of utilizing software in optimizing development processes is growing. That doesn’t take away from the fact that significant progress is always made in the interplay with mechatronics and electronics. “Getting the best results calls for a culture of a real machine builder.”

Organization structure change shows promising first results

In the past year, NTS changed the structure of its divisions because of its incessant growth. Organized in business lines in which dedicated multidisciplinary teams work for specific customers according to clearly defined KPIs, the company continuously improves its services. Working with his team for NTS’ largest client in the semiconductor industry, Ruud Kuepers is seeing the first promising results.

Building a foundation for the Dutch high-tech ecosystem

Despite competition from China and the US, the Netherlands continues to play a major role in the world of high tech. Patrick Strating of NTS believes it starts with high-tech companies that have close ties to top-notch technical universities and continues with ambitious workers that thrive on life-long learning through training.

Bridging the gap

Nico Meijerman joined NTS to help build and expand the company’s software competency. Shortly after arriving at the hardware stronghold, he started to work on bridging the gap between software engineering and the worlds of physics, mechanics and hardware-related disciplines. The result is a workshop in which Meijerman teaches his non-software colleagues the basics of software engineering. Customer and business specifics included.