Goodbye manual test cases, hello model-based testing

After many success stories in other markets, model-based testing is starting to gain momentum in high tech. Julien Schmaltz from CGI, Johan Poelsma from ICT and Bryan Bakker from Sioux are committed to strengthening the foothold.

ICT groeit door

Het derde kwartaal heeft ICT Group een omzet geboekt van 31,8 miljoen euro.

No more worries about the syncs

Around 2013, ASML ran into a problem familiar to many fast-growing high-tech companies. With its technology growing increasingly complex, its software engineers were fully focused on product development while spending less time on the process behind it all. But outsourcing process support was unsatisfactory – until ASML’s Stefan de Hoog and Ad van Dongen of ICT Group tried a new approach. Today, a team of formerly jobless people now trained as ‘sync services’ specialists at ICT support ASML’s software engineers in getting things done.

Becoming the first to complete Le Mans in a hybrid

Racing a hybrid prototype vehicle, faster and more efficiently than a modern Formula 1 car. That’s the challenge for student race team Inmotion. The team aims to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a few years’ time.

When I enter a room with Dutch colleagues, they immediately switch to English

Abhishek Sharma left his native country India five years ago to study in Paris. After doing two internships in Germany, he came to the Netherlands and started working for ICT Group. In his opinion, Holland is ‘the most liberal country in Europe’ and he is planning to stay for at least five or six years before returning to India, thus contributing to the economy that provided his education.