The practical prospects of quantum computing for enterprises

The theoretical promises of quantum computing have been notoriously glorified by pop-science articles in recent years. The practical and feasible applications, however, are still scarce. This begs the question of what companies can do with this technology right now. At CGI, a proof of concept was developed to see how quantum computers could be integrated into existing enterprise software architectures.

Realtime decision-making with 5G edge computing

At the 5Groningen field lab, the next generation of wireless technology is being put to the test in an experiment with a prototype involving real-time decision-making using 5G edge computing. One of the applications envisioned is a smart police vest that can fully automatically detect threats like firearms and stabbing weapons.

The sun sets on the 2019 World Solar Challenge

After two years of intense designing, innovating and building, the week-long solar vehicle competition in the Australian Outback has come to an end. From sorrow and frustration to exuberant jubilation, here’s how the Benelux fared.

Benelux students gear up for the World Solar Challenge (update)

Over its 30+ year history, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge has become the most well-known solar-powered car racing event on the globe. Every two years, the challenge brings students and innovators, from all over the world, to Australia for a chance to compete and to push the limits of solar cars.