Working in IoT – smart, connected systems, a testimony

At Flanders Make in Lommel, Kortrijk, Sint-Truiden and Leuven, researchers are developing new technologies and applications for intelligent robots, autonomous vehicles, interconnected machines and human-centered production sites. The aim is to keep local manufacturing companies on top of their market. Application engineer Jori Winderickx talks about his research.

Combining disciplines for smart vehicles and machinery

Self-driving cars capture everyone’s imagination. Less common knowledge is that the development of the technology to make machinery and other vehicles autonomous is supported in Flanders. Flanders Make, the research center for the manufacturing industry, maintains close partnerships with the industry to study a wide range of applications: from logistic robots, tractors and weaving machines to assembly cells within production areas. The key to success is a simultaneous design combining mechanics, electricity, electronics, software and control. We give the floor to two researchers.

Monitoring op maat als bouwsteen voor smart industry

Met een slim algoritme, goedkope sensoren en een open embedded platform hebben Flanders Make en partners de bouwstenen ontwikkeld voor permanente conditiebewaking. Hiermee is monitoring op maat mogelijk op productiemachines, alsook op componenten zoals tandwielkasten, pompen, motoren en compressoren.