Photondelta project takes PICs in space

Collaborating within the Photondelta Flagship project, the better part of the Dutch integrated photonics industry has started working with TNO’s Space and Semiconductor departments to qualify photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for space applications.

Building a billion dollar integrated photonics industry

Working in high tech for 35 years, René Penning de Vries has never seen more potential waiting to come to fruition. The technology, the ideas, the means: it’s all there. But creating a billion euro integrated photonics industry in the Netherlands will require a lot more hard work and persistence. “Our biggest pitfall is complacency,” says the chairman of PhotonDelta, a collaboration founded to steer the effort.

Effect Photonics haalt kapitaal op

In een eerste kapitaalronde hebben B-to-v Partners, de Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij en Optidob geïnvesteerd in het Eindhovense Effect Photonics.