Goodbye manual test cases, hello model-based testing

After many success stories in other markets, model-based testing is starting to gain momentum in high tech. Julien Schmaltz from CGI, Johan Poelsma from ICT and Bryan Bakker from Sioux are committed to strengthening the foothold.

Selling Brainport on model-based testing

With Achmea and Prorail as long-time customers and Thermo Fisher Scientific as the first Brainport client, Axini is pushing hard to make a name for itself in high tech as well. Coming up to the year of their company’s fifteenth anniversary, Machiel van der Bijl and Menno Jonkers share their vision of achieving fault-free software through model-based testing.

Model-based testing in safety-critical Scaled Agile

Prorail is working hard to implement the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). Together with Axini and Intraffic, it has set up a Scaled Agile project, applying a model-based testing approach in a safety-critical environment. An experience report.