Gigabyte and Asperitas make it easy to run data centers cool

Gigabyte Technology has joined forces with Asperitas to offer immersion cooling solutions that deliver ultimate sustainable performance for data centers. The collaboration between the rising star in high-end servers and the Dutch cooling technology specialists promises to drastically reduce energy consumption and improve power usage effectiveness in data centers.

Asperitas leads by example with unanimous OCP qualification

Immersion cooling specialist Asperitas has achieved a market first – earning unanimous approval on the Open Compute Project’s AIC24 qualification for safety and quality. What did it take to gain this acceptance from OCP and what does this mean for the future of immersion cooling?

Asperitas and ITRenew bring sustainable, PnP datacenter solutions full circle

In the quest to realize a sustainable digital future, OCP members are once again showing that collaboration is key. This time, platinum members Asperitas and US-based ITRenew are teaming up to show how combining immersion cooling and IT recycling can not only enhance the circular economy but help customers realize serious gains in computing power while reducing environmental impact and cutting the total cost of ownership.

Asperitas and Shell immerse themselves in keeping IT and the planet cool

In the world of power-hungry data centers, companies big and small are coming together as part of the Open Compute Project (OCP) to build consensus and paint the industry green. In collaboration, OCP platinum members Shell and Asperitas believe they have a sustainable solution to keep your IT cool: immersing it in a specialized cooling fluid to drastically reduce energy consumption, while simultaneously harnessing waste heat energy for reuse.

Asperitas looks to flood the IT cooling industry

After development of its immersed cooling system for maritime-based data centers, Asperitas opted to change plans and instead focus on deploying its solution for a greater global impact. Now, with a focus on terra firma, this clean-tech scale-up wants to paint the data center industry green.