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7 trillion dollars of artificial insanity

The plan of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to raise 7 trillion dollars is a thinly veiled publicity stunt.

Germans start working on EUV source for faster chip inspection

A German consortium has secured funding to develop an EUV light source for chip inspection.

Eindhoven-based developer of security scanners Dynaxion bites the dust

Dynaxion Security has been declared bankrupt by the court in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Dutch Amazec lands €1.5M for photonics-based heart measurement

Medtech startup Amazec Photonics has secured 1.5 million euros in seed capital from Photondelta for its non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring devices.

Strategic digital product management: stakeholders

Product managers need to clearly separate needs from wants, distinguish the critical from the less important stakeholders and act on strategic opportunities even if no stakeholders are advocating for these.

Triopsys acquisition strengthens ICT’s mission-critical position

ICT Group has acquired 100 percent of shares of Utrecht-based Triopsys.

Lionvolt charged with €15M

3D solid-state thin-film battery maker Lionvolt has raised 15 million euros, the Eindhoven-based company announced on Linkedin.

Ask the headhunter

Reading time: 3 minutesAuthor: P.R. asks: For several years now, I’ve been working in the R&D department of a large deep-tech company in Finland. After studying electrical engineering in Taiwan, I thought it would be nice to explore my horizons and gain international experience. So far, it hasn’t been disappointing, although the COVID period was … Read more

Adimec captured by Teledyne

Teledyne Technologies has agreed to acquire Eindhoven-based high-performance imaging specialist Adimec and its subsidiaries.

Battery company ACC bags €4.4B to build three European gigafactories

European automotive battery maker Automotive Cells Company (ACC) has secured a major chunk of an investment to expand manufacturing capacity.

German findings may explain high efficiency of perovskite PV

Scientists have found a clue for the remarkably high efficiency of perovskite solar cells.

ASM chief Loh to retire, CTO moves to CEO seat

ASM’s supervisory board has appointed CTO Hichem M’Saad as the successor of CEO Benjamin Loh, who is stepping down to retire.

ASML’s first high-NA tool is almost ready for action

ASML’s and Imec’s joint High-NA Lab in Veldhoven is about to open its doors to chipmakers, kicking off the next stage in high-NA development: getting the process technology and associated infrastructure ready.

Rijnders (UT), Kersten (ImpactX) join Holland High Tech leadership

With the appointment of Guus Rijnders (University of Twente) and Esther Kersten (ImpactX), the leadership of the ‘top team’ for the High Tech Systems & Materials top sector is restored to full strength.

MPS looks to bring Axign’s audiophile quality to the mass market

The Enschede chip startup continues its digital audio amplifier revolution under American wings.

Chip sales down 8 percent in 2023

Global semiconductor industry sales totaled 527 billion dollars in 2023, a decrease of 8.2 percent compared to the 2022 record total of 574 billion dollars, according to data compiled by the WSTS and published by SIA.

Europe must find a few carrots for its ailing industry

The competitiveness of European industry is stalling. It’s not an easy sell in the current political climate, but more Europe is the only way out.

Strategic digital product management: execution

The main reason that execution is so hard is threefold: personal inertia, organizational constraints and the gap between saying and doing.

NXP holds on to record sales as automotive bulwark is cooling

NXP avoided going in the red even as its growth engines started to sputter.

TSMC rumored to delay high-NA adoption until 1nm node

TSMC may postpone the introduction of high-NA EUV tools into high-volume manufacturing until 2029.

Stop complaining, start explaining

The high-tech manufacturing industry needs to start explaining why their sector is crucial as well as what they need from the government.

Lights out at The Hague PV manufacturer Exasun

Dutch building-integrated PV company Exasun has filed for insolvency.

Report: China gears up for 5nm production

SMIC is preparing to start production of a Huawei 5nm smartphone processor, according to a report in the Financial Times (FT).

A new chapter in the US-Chinese chip war is already being written

Another round of US protectionist measures is in the making, this time targeting mature semiconductors.

3D battery firm Lionvolt scoops up UK manufacturing site

Eindhoven-based Lionvolt has acquired a battery cell production line in Scotland, including staff.

Canon reports healthy interest in nanoimprint tools

Interest in Canon’s nanoimprint lithography (NIL) chipmaking tools is “exceeding expectations,” an executive of the Japanese equipment manufacturer told reporters.

Strategic digital product management: strategy

Product management needs to define a strategy that’s realistic, focused and consistent. Some strategies for managing stakeholders include saying no, morphing and sequencing.

How a mechatronics course pushed the synchrotron community forward

As an engineer working on particle accelerators, Curt Preissner ran into the limits of their design philosophy. That’s why he and a colleague took the “Mechatronics system design – part 1” course at High Tech Institute. This allowed them to introduce a new design approach into the synchrotron community, and better talk to vendors. “You need to be able to communicate what keeps you up at night.”

New Imec fund targets fast-growing startups

Imec has launched a 50-million-euro investment fund for startups in the digital technology realm.

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