Sparknano raises €5.5M to scale its spatial-ALD tech

Spatial-ALD equipment supplier Sparknano has completed a 5.5-million-euro funding round. The investment was led by Aliad, the venture capital arm of Air Liquide, and supported by Somerset Capital Partners and Invest-NL as well as existing investors Innovation Industries, Brabant Development Agency (BOM) and TNO. Sparknano will use the acquired capital to scale up. Credit: Sparknano … Read more

Saldtech rebrands to Sparknano

Spatial-ALD equipment supplier Saldtech will continue its operations as Sparknano. The rebranding is a response to the company shifting its attention to new markets. Originally, the TNO spinout focused on OLED displays, but last year it changed course to target sustainable applications such as batteries, electrolyzers for green hydrogen production, fuel cells and solar cells. … Read more

Dutch spatial ALD companies keep getting in each other’s way

It’s become a bit of a Dutch specialty: spatial atomic layer deposition. For some reason, however, it seems impossible to efficiently concentrate resources and capital in a single company. After Levitech and Solaytec competed in the PV market for years, now it looks like SALD and SALDtech will battle it out in the green tech arena.

Forging the Dutch industrial ALD hub

By fostering collaboration between companies focusing on atomic layer deposition as well as infusing them with the latest research results, a new TUE-led project aims to take the already strong Dutch presence in this field to the next level.

Holst Centre shows off ALD’ed TFT display backplane

Researchers at Holst Centre managed to deposit both the semiconductor and dielectric layer of a TFT backplane using spatial atomic layer deposition (SALD). The backplane on a plastic foil was then combined with an OLED frontplane to obtain a 200-PPI QVGA display. The equipment used to produce the demonstrator is currently being commercialized by Holst … Read more

Eindhoven-based Saldtech finds funding to develop OLED equipment

TNO spin-off Saldtech completed a second investment round to develop and build deposition equipment for manufacturing flexible OLED displays. The unspecified amount of capital is provided by Innovation Industries, an investment fund with close ties to research institute TNO and the Dutch technical universities, and BOM, a development company for the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. … Read more