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Holst Centre betting big on the foil battery

Can billions of micropillars make for a better battery than we currently have? Yes, Holst Centre believes, after the final piece of the puzzle fell into place in the lab recently. Now, the institute is looking to scale up and commercialize the technology.


Kendrion locks up 3T acquisition
Quantum computing unicorn considers European HQ near Imec
Semiconductor boom might turn to glut in 2023, says IDC
The Netherlands joins European chip collaboration
$12M seed round brings Dutch stealth startup Axelera AI to light
Loop Robots cleans up with a $2M seed investment
TU Delft and NFI investigate next-gen forensic photography
Pharrowtech field-tests mm-wave-based fixed wireless access
Funding for large-scale research infrastructure “insufficient”
Dutch TUs stumble further in 2022 THE rankings
Intel chief: fabs will bolster Europe’s high-tech ecosystem
ASML makes donation to new TUE quantum-photonics institute
Bruco opens first office abroad in Berlin
Nijmegen security professor Bart Jacobs wins Stevin Prize
TU Delft quantum pioneer Vandersypen receives Spinoza Prize
Vanmoof races to more than €100M in C series
TSMC hikes prices up to 20 percent
France and the Netherlands entangle quantum efforts
Rocsys sets up shop in Portland
€22M capital injection for battery startup Leydenjar
Infestos set to take majority stake in Neways
No formal grounds to review Nexperia’s acquisition of Welsh fab
Utrecht tops the list of Dutch universities in Shanghai Ranking
Nowi teams with Telink for eco-friendly remotes
Samsung having second thoughts about buying NXP
Axign rakes in over $3M in 2nd closing
ASML opens R&D campus in Silicon Valley
Boekhoorn cashes big with sale of High Tech Campus
Lightyear manufactures solar roofs at Inalfa site
3D battery startup Lionvolt charged with 1.1 million euros

CITC and HAN course taps into increasing chip packaging complexity

As IC packaging becomes increasingly complex and integral to the success of the overall semiconductor design process, front-end engineers need to cooperate ever more closely with their back-end colleagues. CITC and the HAN University of Applied Sciences set up a packaging course to help them out.

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Ask the headhunter

A few weeks after applying for an interesting management vacancy at a wireless technology company, I received a short rejection mail. This came as a big surprise to me as I’m clearly a top candidate for the job.