Collin Arocho
17 December 2020

Ghent-based IoT specialist Waylay will be providing its intelligence and monitoring platform for use in Engie’s Smart Cabin solution for high-voltage electricity cabins. The platform will enable real-time monitoring and alarm escalation to minimize the operational impact of power interruptions.

Credit: Engie

Engie’s Smart Cabin monitors the power supply and critical parameters of high voltage cabins based on a set of sensors installed on the voltage cells and other data such as temperature, humidity and door access. The system can be installed by field technicians without taking the cabin out of service. Waylay’s technology will create a digital twin during provisioning and only customer-specific contact details need to be added to complete the provisioning process. The data is first transmitted via the Sigfox network, before being collected and processed by the Waylay platform to detect anomalies or power interruptions, generate alerts and escalate alarms for quick interventions, thus enabling real-time status views for customers via the Smart Cabin dashboard.

“Engie’s Smart Cabin solution is an exciting example of IoT value creation,” says Leonard Donnelly, the new CEO of Waylay. “This represents another leap in a highly competitive market, setting the bar high for exceptional customer service standards. Engie accelerates the evolution of digital monitoring and enhances operational performance for their customers. Waylay’s technology is particularly suited for real-time management of critical assets in the energy and utility industry.”