Jessica Vermeer
17 October 2019

VDL is looking into the combination of vehicle technology, energy storage and charging systems, together with Siemens. For that purpose, the Dutch conglomerate has equipped its charging test center in Valkenswaard with new charging technology. This should give insight into smarter, more efficient usage of the power grid and bidirectional charging of heavy-duty vehicles.

At its charging test center, VDL has installed three 150 kW fast chargers from Siemens. A cloud-based energy management application controls the data coming from these systems. The application allows for active steering of vehicle charging and flexible deployment of available energy capacity.

Credit: VDL

The three Siemens stations can be used for parallel charging, as well as for fast charging a single vehicle by combining the separate charging capacities. Two used battery systems from an electric bus serve to temporarily store the energy delivered back by the heavy-duty vehicles.

VDL is going to apply the technology to expand the communication between the vehicles and the charging infrastructure, amongst other things. The company hopes to increase its understanding of the entire electricity supply chain for these vehicles. Ultimately, this should contribute to a successful energy transition.