Paul van Gerven
19 September 2019

Ushio has received the first acceptance of its laser-assisted discharge produced (LDP) EUV light source. After 15 years of development, the company may earn a place in the EUV arena after all – in the mask shops, not the fab, though.

In 2008, Japanese specialist lighting company Ushio acquired full ownership of XTreme Technologies. The German company, originally a joint venture between Lambda Physik and Jenoptik Laser, supplied the light sources for the first two EUV scanners ever built: ASML’s so-called alpha demo tools, which were installed at Imec in Leuven and CNSE in Albany to probe the new lithographic technique. Joining forces with Philips Lighting, Ushio aimed to scale up the demo technology to (much) high power levels.

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