Collin Arocho
20 April 2020

Delft University of Technology spinoff Tiler is getting a big boost from the Uniiq investment fund. The Hague-based company is set to receive an injection of a quarter-million euros to scale up and further develop its innovative wireless charging system. As e-bikes continue to drive off the showroom floors throughout the Netherlands, Tiler’s charging tile is designed to offer a user-friendly charging platform for those and other light EVs, like e-cargo bikes and e-steps. Production of the tiles is expected to start in the summer, with the initial batch coming onto the market in September 2020.

Credit: Tiler

The charging tile works through induction and is mounted in the ground, similar to a paving tile. Charging starts automatically when an e-bike with a compatible kickstand is parked on the tile. An associated software platform for fleet management will eventually make it possible to check availability and charging status and to book and pay for charging. The platform will also facilitate linking with customer systems, the use of a Tiler app and GPS cloud lock for extra security. Tiler aims to boost wireless charging and green mobility.

“The current boom in light electric vehicles for corporate fleets can only succeed with corresponding charging infrastructure,” says Tiler CEO Christiaan van Nispen. “The hassle of an adapter with a cable, the installation of a bulky charging-station infrastructure or expensive maintenance due to corrosion will be a thing of the past with the Tiler tile. Without Uniiq’s investment, this wouldn’t be possible.”