Collin Arocho
4 January 2021

Smartqare’s intelligent health-monitoring wearable and healthcare platform just got a shot in the arm from medical systems design expert Demcon. In addition to receiving an infusion of cash, the Eindhoven-based company’s 24/7 health-monitoring solution will also benefit from Demcon’s technology development and production prowess. The Enschede-based developer has been tapped to help turn the solution into a professional product, which first will be introduced in cooperation with healthcare professionals and institutions before being supplied directly to consumers.

Credit: Demcon

The Smartqare solution consists of an intelligent, wearable care band and a platform for healthcare professionals. The device was developed to be worn at home on a user’s arm. It continuously – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – monitors the wearer’s vital functions including parameters such as heartbeat, oxygen saturation and skin temperature. In addition, the wearable includes fall detection and accurate location determination in case the user has fallen or starts wandering. The smart analysis of the data produced by the device helps healthcare providers to intervene efficiently and on time.

“Our system has the potential of being the catalyst for a shift in the medical world towards greater autonomy and care at home. Our goal is to enable our clients to experience freedom by giving them the certainty that they’ll receive suitable care at the right time and at the right place,” says Smartqare CEO Walter van Kuijen. “The biggest challenge in innovations like this is to involve the healthcare world. The fact that partners such as Demcon are giving this their full support opens doors to healthcare professionals, healthcare insurers and other medical parties.”