Paul van Gerven
29 August 2019

Working with Volkswagen, NXP unveiled a concept car that shows some of the capabilities of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Capable of accurate localization and fine ranging, UWB can for example be used to learn personalized gestures to open doors or the trunk. Other applications include theft protection, automated trailer hitch activation, in-cabin passenger detection, automated valet parking, hands-free parking, lot access and drive-through payment.

Combining high-precision sensing with artificial intelligence, a UWB car key can learn gestures to open car doors. Credit: NXP

“We see enormous potential in UWB. We’re working to enhance the technology, drive its standardization and also to develop new use cases. A potential application, which I personally find very compelling, is the potential UWB has to replace the key ring for your home, office or car,” says NXP CTO Lars Reger.

NXP is co-founder of the Fira Consortium, a recently launched organization dedicated to develop UWB use cases, ensure UWB interoperability and promote UWB ecosystems.