Paul van Gerven
12 July 2021

Intel is suggesting that its investments in Europe do not necessarily have to land in a single member state. “We could put manufacturing on one site and packaging on another,” Intel executive Greg Slater, part of the team exploring possibilities for expansion in Europe, told the Financial Times. Research and development could also be shared across EU countries, while spending with European suppliers would increase “dramatically.”

Intel office
Credit: Intel

Intel’s immediate intention is to establish two fabs in the EU, which would cost 20 billion dollar to construct and operate for 10 years. According to the FT, however, the company is looking for a site that could eventually support 8 fabs. Previously, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger mentioned Germany and the Benelux countries as possible locations. The FT states that France is also being considered.

The processor maker with foundry ambitions will only proceed with its European plans if its requirements are met. These include a hefty subsidy, which Intel says is necessary to be able to compete with Asian companies.