Collin Arocho
15 June 2020

Dutch medtech company Mellon Medical has announced the closing of a deal with medical-systems design expert Demcon. In this arrangement, Demcon is investing 4 million euros, together with existing shareholders, to take a stake in the Hague-based medtech company and to assist with further advancing the Switch system for abdominal suturing as Mellon looks to get to market. Additionally, according to a report by Tubantia, Demcon will now house Mellon in its Delft offices and will assume responsibilities to manufacture the suturing needles at its Enschede headquarters.

The Swith suturing device. Credit: Mellon Medical

The Switch is a single-patient-use, single-handed precision surgical suturing device, used for closing the abdominal wall. The system employs a “small bites” method, meaning that it uses at least twice the number of stitches compared to the length of the incision. Recent studies, published in Lancet by investigators at Erasmus MC Rotterdam, show that utilization of this small-bite approach should become the new standard, as it’s twice as fast, is more cost effective and results in fewer post-surgical incisional hernia than the conventional “big-bite” technique.