Collin Arocho
10 November 2020

High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) is teaming up with some of the big names from the Brainport region to open the new AI Innovation Center. In collaboration with ASML, NXP, Philips and Signify, it’s developing a breeding ground for new business propositions and innovations with data and artificial intelligence in its core. To do this, collaborators are opening a 1,100 m2 facility intending to drive the application of AI technology from the region, with special attention on projects and events that contribute to social and environmental goals.


The center, which will open at the heart of the campus in the HTC5 building, will offer a co-working environment for the project execution and a soft landing spot for AI startups, creating an incubator and open innovation ecosystem for AI applications and projects. In addition to the participation of the founding members, more collaborations are already in the works. “Our research shows that over 70 percent of the companies on campus see AI as the number one technology to focus on in the next five years. This is a very big challenge, which we believe you can only achieve by collaborating with all relevant partners in the ecosystem,” says Paul van Son, innovation manager of HTCE. “Think of collaborations around education, startup support and project funding. As partners in this region, we have to join forces and accelerate the adoption of AI in our ecosystem. Therefore, we’ll collaborate with partners like Brainport Development, TUE, JADS, Fontys, Automotive Campus, BOM and Brainport Industries.”