West Holland welcomes record number of foreign companies

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In 2019, Innovationquarter helped a record number of 56 foreign companies set up or expand in West Holland. In the next three years, these companies will generate over 2,700 jobs and invest 424 million euros in the region. There was a sharp rise in investment projects from the UK.

The 56 companies are mostly leading-edge, technologically advanced firms. Notably, a large number of them (30 percent) are in the life sciences and health sector. Other dominant market segments are high tech and digital technology (23 percent) and cybersecurity (14 percent). Both startups and established businesses seek out leading clusters such as the cybersecurity cluster of The Hague Security Delta, the horticulture cluster in the Westland and the new aerospace cluster. They’re also attracted by the availability of talent.

Credit: Innovationquarter

The prominent influx from the UK is partly due to ongoing concerns about Brexit. Before, most companies assisted were from the US and China. There was also an increase in the number of investment projects from countries such as India, Turkey and South Africa, for reasons of political uncertainty and renewed economic growth.