Wearable ultrasound from Nijmegen senses your ballooning bladder

Jessica Vermeer
Leestijd: 5 minuten

In 2014, a urologist from Twente needed a solution to measure bladder content from outside of the body. The answer: an external wearable ultrasound device. Now, the first product has successfully hit the market, with a follow-up expected in early 2020. CEO Rob Tweehuysen and CTO Reinout Woltjer explain how Novioscan created the Sens-U Kids.

When giving children incontinence training, there are two main choices for the trickiest cases. Either provide the child with a timely alarm or put a moisture sensor in their diaper. The drawback, however, is that neither solution will teach the child to cope without an aid.

The Nijmegen-based start-up Novioscan has developed an ultrasound device that enables external monitoring of the bladder. The small, wireless wearable can be positioned on the lower abdomen. With ultrasound, it’s able to measure the total bladder volume. At 80 percent, the device vibrates, notifying the child to go to the bathroom.

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