VDL and UT unite to advance high-tech development and production

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VDL Groep and the University of Twente have inked a new partnership agreement to deepen their relationship. With the goal of furthering high-tech development and production in the east and the Netherlands as a whole, the two sides have agreed, along with support from Holland High Tech of the Top Sector HTSM, to invest several millions of euros into joint research projects. The parties will also be collaborating more intensively in the field of talent by exchanging employees and by offering students challenging assignments. The first study topics deal with electric motors.

Credit: VDL ETG

More specifically, collaborators will look at the development and production of electric motors (actuators) using superconductivity (the elimination of electrical resistance in special materials when they’re cooled to low temperatures) and measuring and improving the purity of ultra-clean components as a basis. Currently, superconductivity is primarily used in particle accelerators (such as for CERN and in MRI systems), but expectations are that a breakthrough in industrial application will take place within the next decade. Other areas of collaborators’ focus include materials science and design and production techniques, which must work in tandem to achieve advances in fields such as chip production, energy and photonics.