UvA appoints Ivana Išgum as second of four new AI professors

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The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has appointed Ivana Išgum university professor of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging. Effective 1 September 2019, she will initiate new research with respect to technical advances in AI imaging research and implementation in clinical practice, and to the societal impact of AI. Joining Maarten de Rijke, who was appointed last September, she is the second of four new UvA professors focusing on artificial intelligence and its impact on society from a variety of disciplines.

Išgum studied mathematics at the University of Zagreb in Croatia and obtained a PhD degree in medical image analysis from Utrecht University. She continued as a postdoctoral researcher at Leiden University Medical Center and UMC Utrecht, where she subsequently rose to the position of associate professor. Heading the Quantitative Medical Image Analysis group at the Image Sciences Institute, she focuses on the development of algorithms for quantitative analysis of medical images to enable automatic patient diagnosis and prognosis using techniques from the fields of machine learning and deep learning.

Photo: UMC Utrecht

By establishing the four new chairs, AI and Information Retrieval, Humanities and AI, AI and Medical Imaging, and Law and Technology with a special emphasis on AI, the UvA aims to give an extra boost to its AI research and teaching. In addition to their university-wide assignment, the new professors will also have a faculty assignment. They will be expected to give an impetus to academic developments that transcend the traditional disciplines and thereby make an important contribution to the profiling of the university.