UMS battery system fuels Dens hydrozine aggregate

Jessica Vermeer
Leestijd: 1 minuut

Dens has entered a partnership with Urban Mobility Systems (UMS) to develop the battery system of its hydrozine aggregate. The Helmond startup aims to make its aggregate available for the building sector. Adding the battery system from Oss-based UMS should result in an efficient hybrid system.

Dens originates from Eindhoven University of Technology’s student team Fast, which focused on using formic acid as a fluid hydrogen carrier for transportation. The startup’s aggregate uses so-called hydrozine. This liquid contains 53 grams of hydrogen per liter and allows for safe storage of large amounts of hydrogen. Hydrogen is generated from hydrozine within the generator and directly converted into electrical energy using a fuel cell.

According to Dens, integrating the UMS battery system will result in an efficient hybrid system in which fuel is never consumed unnecessarily, as is often the case with diesel generators. The aggregate has a nominal power of 25 kW. The integration enables the aggregates to deliver peaks of 100 kW for minutes. This means that with a smaller aggregate, the same work can be done, where in the past a 100 kW aggregate was needed.

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