Tvilight has high hopes to relight its bankrupt smart street lamp business

Nieke Roos
Leestijd: 2 minuten

This week, Tvilight has been declared bankrupt by the northern district court of the Netherlands. The Delft University of Technology spin-off, with offices in Groningen, Schiphol and India, specializes in sensor-based street lighting (link in Dutch). Its CEO and founder, Chintan Shah, attributes the bankruptcy to unfortunate timing. “We were finalizing a new investment and at the last minute, one of the investors – from a consortium of three – stepped back. Because of our cash flow position, we were obliged to file for insolvency under Dutch law.”

Nevertheless, Shah has high hopes for turning Tvilight’s smart street lighting business back on. “We have a clear plan for a relaunch. Considering the existing product portfolio, IP and customer base, the company is in a very attractive position. I strongly believe that investors will step in.”

Tvilight’s smart street lights automatically lower their illumination level to 20 percent when no one’s around. This allows cutting down energy costs while maintaining a livable and safe environment – a completely dark street makes people feel uncomfortable. Only when the lights sense someone approaching, they turn back on. Passersby are thus moving in a circle of light, much like Michael Jackson and the glowing sidewalk tiles in the music video of his song, “Billie Jean”.

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