TU Delft develops proactive eco mode with Renault

Nieke Roos
Leestijd: 2 minuten

Together with Renault, robot engineers from Delft University of Technology have developed the Proactive Eco Mode. This new system enables car drivers to reach the desired speed faster, based on predictions of the future, while maintaining the eco fuel benefits. This has been successfully demonstrated on French roads.

Driving in eco mode can reduce fuel consumption and is good for both the environment and people’s wallets. In practice, however, it often causes frustration among drivers, causing them to quickly switch it off. The mode prevents them from accelerating when they really need to, for example when entering a motorway.

For the development of the Proactive Eco Mode, TU Delft researchers Timo Melman and Niek Beckers first focused on the driver and on data collection instead of complex models. During a test at the Renault Technocentre in France, they collected data on a motorist’s driving behavior. After just one round of testing, their system could make successful predictions using a simple algorithm. It helped the driver to accelerate quickly and easily when this appeared necessary and at the same time to drive economically. Renault responded enthusiastically and expressed interest in implementing the patented system in future cars.

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