TSMC countersues Globalfoundries

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TSMC, unsurprisingly, is countersuing Globalfoundries for infringing 25 of its patents – from a portfolio containing 37,000 patents, the Taiwanese foundry mentions slyly in a press statement. The lawsuits are a defensive move against Globalfoundries’ allegations, made public at the end of August, that TSMC infringes on 16 of its patents.

Credit: TSMC

“TSMC’s patents reflect decades and tens of billions of dollars of investments in innovation, resulting in TSMC’s significant contribution to advancements in semiconductor manufacturing technology,” said Sylvia Fang, vice president and general counsel for TSMC. “TSMC’s lawsuits seek to protect our reputation, our significant investments, our nearly 500 customers and consumers worldwide to ensure everyone benefits from the most advanced semiconductor technologies that enable a wide range of applications.”