The man who brought EUV lithography to the Netherlands

Paul van Gerven
Leestijd: 6 minuten

As a young research scientist, he created the Netherlands’ first EUV image. It was the prelude to a partnership with ASML and other companies that has already lasted a quarter of a century. Yet Fred Bijkerk remains first and foremost a scientist.

‘It was just like with the printing press. That was also invented multiple times,’ says Fred Bijkerk, a professor of XUV optics at the University of Twente and the man who in 1990 projected the first EUV images in the Netherlands. He was unaware of the work being done by Kinoshita on the other side of the world. ‘The experiments were carried out largely independently of one another, but the Japanese were clearly the first: all the honour belongs to them,’ Bijkerk says.

Either way, the name Bijkerk will always be linked with EUV sources and optics. The technology is the common thread that runs through his career. He wrote his master’s thesis on the spectroscopy of laser plasmas and his doctoral dissertation on using laser plasma EUV sources in lithographic applications. Since 1990 he has led the Laser Plasma and XUV Optics group at the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics in Rijnhuizen, which moved in 2013 to the Mesa+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente.

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