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The future of work

Leestijd: 3 minuten

The pandemic has taught businesses the importance of placing trust in employees. Let’s keep it that way.

Covid-19 has changed how and when we shop, eat and travel. It has accelerated all kinds of virtual transactions, such as telemedicine and online banking, and gave streaming entertainment an enormous boost. But, most of all, Covid-19 has changed how we work. Almost overnight, the pandemic forced middle managers and employees to change their WOW. Companies were forced to try things that they knew were possible but that they had always feared wouldn’t be effective or efficient.

Remote working posed an enormous challenge. We all had to learn by doing during this crisis – there was no time to train. Business leaders and managers had to overcome the uncomfortable feeling of having employees work from home. Initially, at least, they struggled to lead those who were out of their sight. Many tried to deal with the uncertainties of remote work by controlling and monitoring their employees even more. But, over the past year, managers quickly learned that such a controlling strategy is counterproductive.

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