The Corona Chronicles: it’s not all bad news (part 1)

Paul van Gerven
Leestijd: 2 minuten

The high-tech industry is bracing itself for the impact of the corona pandemic. Supply chains will be disrupted, demand for end-products will fall, business will suffer. But it’s not all bad news. To keep everyone’s spirits up, Bits&Chips periodically publishes the Corona Chronicles, detailing uplifting worldwide developments and prospects that might otherwise not have survived our selection process.

Carmakers turn to medical

Several car manufacturers – some of which have halted production completely – are helping out manufacturing healthcare supplies. Chinese BYD, for example, is now churning out 5 million face masks a day, making it the world’s largest producer. Meanwhile, Tesla chief Elon Musk joined GM, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota in offering to manufacture medical components such as fans for respiratory equipment.

Philips feeling generous

In January, Philips – through its Philips Foundation charity – has donated two million euros worth of diagnostic imaging, patient monitory and respiratory equipment and related supplies to Thunder God Mountain Hospital in Wuhan. Currently, the Foundation is working hard to support the deeply impacted healthcare systems in Kenya, South Sudan and Italy.

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