René Raaijmakers

Solmates to Lam, Besi to Applied?

Leestijd: 3 minuten

With the silent takeover of Dutch Solmates by Lam Research, another machine builder from the Netherlands has landed in foreign hands. Besi could be next.

Enschede-based pulsed laser deposition equipment manufacturer Solmates has been quietly acquired by US multinational Lam Research. For a small player with substantial debt, Lam will have paid a relatively small, perhaps symbolic amount. In any case, the sum was so low that there was no obligation to report it, and neither party wishes to comment.

Thinking about a possible next hijack, BE Semiconductor comes to mind. Besi is a much bigger fish. If it comes to an acquisition of this Dutch semicon equipment builder, we’re certainly going to see fat headlines. But who’ll be the hijacker?

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