Solar panel maker Exasun completes 5 million investment round

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Dutch PV panel producer Exasun has secured 5 million euros in financing to scale up operations. Investors and management are confident that, despite the corona pandemic, their company can make successful steps in the near future. Earlier this month, Exasun had to apply for government support because the supply of solar cells from Asia had dried up. At the time, management expected supply and manufacturing operations to return to normal in April.

Credit: Exasun

The Hague-based Exasun is one of the few PV module manufacturers in the Netherlands. Another is Energyra from Westknollendam (Zaanstad), which filed for insolvency last year (link in Dutch) but was rescued at the last minute two months ago. According to PV Magazine, Energyra’s equipment was just about to be put up for auction when an “unnamed Dutch business with semiconductor experience” stepped up.