Selling Brainport on model-based testing

Nieke Roos
Leestijd: 11 minuten

With Achmea and Prorail as long-time customers and Thermo Fisher Scientific as the first Brainport client, Axini is pushing hard to make a name for itself in high tech as well. Coming up to the year of their company’s fifteenth anniversary, Machiel van der Bijl and Menno Jonkers share their vision of achieving fault-free software through model-based testing.

Axini – isn’t that that company from Amsterdam doing some complicated model-based software engineering stuff? This is how founders Machiel van der Bijl and Menno Jonkers were typically encountered after taking the A2 motorway, or the train, down to the Dommel valley. It’s also exactly the sentiment they’re determined to turn around. “We’ve set our sights on that market,” says Van der Bijl. “Our target for 2022 is to add at least three high-tech companies to our customer base.”

Three high-tech companies next to Thermo Fisher Scientific, that is. The Eindhoven site of the American life sciences specialist recently became Van der Bijl and Jonkers’ first Brainport client. It’s going to use Axini’s model-based testing approach to further increase its software quality and streamline the development process. “They have a grand vision and an extensive program for applying model-driven techniques,” explains Jonkers. “They saw the added value of our approach and made us part of their plans.”

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