Seecubic doubles down on glasses-free 3D in Eindhoven

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 5 minuten

As 4K technology has become the new standard in video resolution, Seecubic’s glasses-free 3D solution offers a new dimension for OEMs. But after several years of maturation and small-volume production, the company is looking to get back to what it does best: development and innovation for the future.

In late 2010, former Philips employees were developing a glasses-free solution to bring 3D to televisions. In December of that year, seeking investors to help them bring their innovation to the market, the group had a fortuitous meeting with Mathu Rajan, the founder of a newly started media and technology company called Stream TV Networks. As it turned out, Rajan was on the lookout for 3D technology and was interested in their solution. Within weeks, the group set up a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to unveil their technology: Ultra-D – 3D content on any screen, without the need of glasses. Merely months later, the Eindhoven-based Seecubic was founded as an R&D subsidiary of Stream TV and tasked with developing the technology, components and services of Ultra-D.

Today, some eight years later, Seecubic and its parent company seem to have hit their stride as a developer and supplier of display technology. “We’re a technology provider, not a device maker. Our customers are the OEMs. We want to work with them on integrating our core technology to be used in their devices. They know how to make a computer. They know how to make a TV. They know how to make a smartphone. We don’t want to reinvent those wheels,” illustrates Bud Robertson, CEO of Seecubic. “It’s really about facilitating the adoption and integration of our optics, rendering and content format to participate in the overall content ecosystem.”

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