Samsung to triple foundry capacity by 2026

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Samsung Electronics plans to triple foundry production capacity by 2026, the company announced during the company’s Q3 earnings conference call. “We plan to expand our capacity about three times by 2026 to meet customers’ needs as much as possible by expanding capacity in Pyeongtaek as well as considering establishing a new plant in the US,” said Samsung executive Han Seung-hoon.

Credit: Samsung

The capacity expansion is part of Samsung’s response to the global chip shortage. Claiming a 17 percent market share according to market researcher Statista, the Koreans are keen to siphon some business from market leader TSMC, which boasts a market share of 53 percent across all nodes. TSMC is not sitting idly by, however, planning a hefty capacity expansion of its own. Intel, too, will start offering foundry services and plans to new fabs in the US and Europe.