Riscure and Keysight lock arms for 5G security

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 2 minuten

Delft-based security tools vendor Riscure is joining forces with US-based Kesight Technologies, to advance the development of secure and resilient 5G networks, devices and services. The duo will focus on addressing increased threat levels across the exposed surfaces in the cloud, at the air interface and in between each function in the 5G network. The risks are driven by the expected explosion of connected devices and an increase in open application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as the need for data to flow seamlessly between networks to deliver on the promises of 5G’s complex set of services, specifically in the transportation, industrial IoT and healthcare sectors.

The collaboration brings together security solutions from Riscure with Keysight’s widely adopted network emulation solutions to explore innovative ways for customers to improve device security. The US company’s integrated software and hardware solutions enable users to emulate devices and distinct functions of the radio access network (RAN) and the 5G core (5GC) to deliver end-to-end performance test and visibility capabilities across the protocol stack. Riscure’s range of security tools includes cutting-edge solutions to test chips and devices against side-channel and fault injection attacks, with special solutions to identify weaknesses in software and evaluate automotive designs.

“A combination of Riscure’s expertise in securing software, chip technology and connected devices with Keysight’s comprehensive portfolio of test and visibility solutions allows our customers to deliver robust, functional and secure solutions for a global 5G security market that’s projected to reach more than 4 billion dollars in 2023,” says Marc Witteman, CEO of Riscure. “Working together with Keysight, we’ll contribute years of security experience to help build one of the most important technology domains – the future of mobile connectivity.”

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