Rabobank funds Amsterdam’s Optics11 companies for accelerated growth

Collin Arocho
Leestijd: 1 minuut

Amsterdam’s Optics11 and Optics11 Life, two fiber-optic sensing spinoffs from the VU, have secured new funding from Rabobank. Though the final tally hasn’t been disclosed, the money will be used to aid the companies in accelerating growth across global markets. Additionally, the financial backing will aid in growing their teams, as well as the strategic expansion of their high-tech product portfolios.

With its fiber-optic sensing systems, Optics11 addresses key needs in condition and structural health monitoring of the power grid, wind power, the manufacturing industry and underwater acoustics for defense and security. Separately, Optics11 Life looks to address key instrumentation needs for the future of medical treatment. Developments based on 3D cell culture such as organoids and engineered tissues will drastically improve drug development, regenerative medicine and diagnostics processes. Optics11 Life provides enabling technology to drive these developments forward and to help understand, optimize and monitor these emerging processes so that they can improve medical treatment.

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