Qutech demonstrates quantum teleportation across a network

Paul van Gerven
Leestijd: 3 minuten

Researchers at Qutech are the first to demonstrate the transfer of information between non-neighboring nodes in a mini quantum network.

In 1997, researchers succeeded for the first time in transferring the polarization state of one photon to another. This successful demonstration of quantum teleportation was hailed as the first step toward building a quantum network, which has potential applications in secure communications, quantum computing and the development of a next-generation internet.

It took a quarter of a century, however, to expand ‘point-to-point’ teleportation to anything resembling a network. Due to the fiddly nature of quantum systems, it was only possible to teleport quantum information between nodes that are directly connected. Now, Qutech researchers have overcome that hurdle. In an article published in Nature, they demonstrate teleportation between two non-neighboring nodes in a rudimentary three-node network.

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