Qutech and Fraunhofer entangle to build European quantum internet

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Anticipating a larger European collaboration, Qutech and the Fraunhofer Society have entered a long-term strategic partnership to further the development of the quantum internet. The partners aim to initiate and promote a wider scientific collaboration, roll out new prototypes and testbeds, and make better joint use of know-how in application-oriented research and transfer to industry.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) and Qutech had already been working closely together to develop optical components for quantum communication and information. This collaboration recently gave birth to a quantum frequency converter (QFC) architecture with record performance in terms of noise levels and signal-to-noise ratio.

Prototype for a low-noise quantum frequency converter. Credit: Fraunhofer ILT

This work will now be expanded to include the entire Fraunhofer Society. In addition, the partners plan to install the first German quantum node of a transnational quantum network at Fraunhofer ILT as an extension and testbed, and as stepping stone for a European approach to an entanglement-based quantum internet. The basis for this will be the Qutech technology as well as the Fraunhofer ILT QFC technology.

“To become a world leader in the implementation and application of new quantum technologies and to remain competitive against the market powers USA and China, immense joint transnational efforts of European science, industry and society are necessary,” comments Reimund Neugebauer, president of the Fraunhofer Society.