Quantum Delta awards €8M in first SME call

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A total of 7.87 million euros has been awarded to ten Dutch quantum companies as a part of the first Quantum SME call, issued by Quantum Delta NL. The recipients are to use the funding to keep improving and expanding their quantum products and services. The call will repeat every year. SMEs can submit projects ranging from 500,000 to 2 million euros, either individually or as a public-private consortium.

Credit: Quantum Delta NL

The winners are: Appsilon Enterprise (lab-grown diamonds for quantum computing), Delft Circuits (quantum hardware), Fermioniq (still in stealth mode, but presumably quantum software), Leiden Spin Imaging (atomic resolution microscopy), Onnes Technologies (cryogenic nanopositioning tools), Orange Quantum System (diagnostic systems and quantum chip testing), Qblox (quantum control stack), Qphox (linking quantum processors), Quantware (quantum processors) and an as-yet unnamed startup in quantum cryptography in stealth mode.