Quantum computing unicorn considers European HQ near Imec

High-flying Silicon Valley startup Psiquantum is considering building its European headquarters in Flanders. CEO and co-founder Jeremy O’Brien told De Tijd (link in Dutch) that he thinks highly of the Imec ecosystem and confirmed that his quantum computing company valued at 3.3 billion dollars has been in talks with the Flemish authorities. Psiquantum is a partner of Imec and has received an investment from the affiliated investment fund Imec.xpand.

Credit: Psiquantum

Psiquantum was founded in 2016 with the aim of building the world’s first general-purpose quantum computer. That system, currently estimated to be ready by the end of this decade, would feature 1 million fault-tolerant and error-corrected physical qubits based on photons. The company works with Globalfoundries to manufacture the silicon photonic and electronic chips that form the foundation of the Q1 computer.

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