Prodrive spins out EV charger business as Peblar

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Prodrive Technologies has started a new business around electric vehicle chargers. Peblar, as the spinout is called, is dedicated to delivering affordable solutions for home, business, residential and fleet charging. An integral part of Prodrive, the new company is fully backed by the Son-based systems developer.

With over 150,000 AC chargers manufactured and delivered across Europe, Prodrive already has a track record in EV charging. By establishing a separate entity, it believes it can better adapt to evolving market circumstances. According to Peblar, when it comes to design, it takes on a different approach than competitors by integrating its entire charging system into one PCB.

The entire charging system is integrated into one PCB. Credit: Peblar

The current lineup comprises three 1/3-phase devices: one with a fixed cable and a nominal power at 230 V AC of 11 kW (Home), one with a fixed cable and 22 kW output (Home Plus) and one with a socket and 22 kW output (Business). All offer WLAN and Ethernet connectivity, RFID authentication, group load balancing and scheduled charging. The 22 kW versions also feature 2G/4G mobile-network back-office connectivity.