Photondelta project takes PICs in space

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Collaborating within the Photondelta Flagship project, the better part of the Dutch integrated photonics industry has started working with TNO’s Space and Semiconductor departments to qualify photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for space applications. Since the aerospace industry places the highest demands on the robustness and reliability of its components and their supply, the results of the project will also help accelerate adoption of the technology in other industries.

Credit: Lionix

“By combining strengths within the supply chain in this Photondelta Flagship project, the entire supply chain is acting proactive in order to fulfill the current needs of the space industry. We accelerate innovation and reduce time-to-market by closely working together. The goal is to prove the scalable supply of hybrid modules at a lower cost. By doing so, we lower the barrier for future customers,” explains CEO Arne Leinse of Lionix, which chairs the project.

Next to Lionix and TNO, the consortium consists of another six companies: Bright Photonics, Effect Photonics, Phix Photonics Assembly, Smart Photonics, Technobis Fiber Technologies and VTEC Lasers & Sensors. Photondelta coinitiated and cofunds the project.